Postpartum Babes with Babies

Welcome to Postpartum Babes, a Mommy and Me exercise class offered by WellWomanPT, instructor Jill Newcomb Campanelli PT, Obstetric and Women’s Health Physical Therapist.

Options for classes are live online or at a yoga studio in Cumming, pending interest in a live class. Spacing and mask/hand hygiene will expected. Please do not come if you or your baby/family have cold/flu/stomach illness or loss of taste/sense of smell or been exposed to COVID19.

Class is for newborns up through non crawling babies. Women who deliver via Cesarean section may join at 2 weeks after delivery. Class is gentle, as self-care and attending baby needs during class is anticipated. The earlier you start in your recovery, the easier it is. Babies get heavy quickly.

Class is in group format with newly delivered moms and non-crawling infants. Topics pertaining to restoring your body safely to pre-baby state with special attention to the special needs of the abdominal and pelvic floor. Infant development, baby exercise and massage , and nursing strategies are some topics in class. This is a good class to bond with your baby and to meet other moms with infants.

Baby participation is encouraged however, babies may be sleeping/crying, or you/they just need a break.

Please have set and ready:

A physioball, the size should be according to the length of your tibia (floor to knee cap). It will be measured in cm.

You will be using the weight of your baby for strengthening purposes. If baby will be unavailable, you may want a pair of light free weights (3-10 pounds). Water bottles and gallon sized filled milk containers will work in a pinch.

A yoga mat.

A small towel, for baby. Baby massage; come prepared with spare diaper.

Water bottle

Face mask (for in studio classes)

For live online classes:

Your yoga mat should be near your corner or blank wall. You should be able to spread your arms at least in a 360 circle.

Ensure your floor and feet are not slippery. Bare feet encouraged.

Live virtual group formats require a learning curve. A sense of humor is required! Technology sometimes is fickle.

5 minutes before class:

In your Email: check into online session with the link for invitation to join. 

Text/cell if you are having problem joining: (678) 719-2488

Looking forward to meeting you!

No experience is required for this class. Always trust your body and do the exercises that feel comfortable to you.

Reminders: Please return your waivers before class.

Thank you and be well!

Jill PT

(678) 719-2488