WhoExpectant Mothers

Where: Online or in a yoga studio in Cumming, GA.

Why should I take this class? This class combines birthing and postpartum care education with exercise into one! Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge of an experienced Physical Therapist who specializes in women’s health. During class, you will perform group exercises while engaging in topics such as: how to ease back pain, leg swelling, hemorrhoids, perineal tearing during delivery, pelvic floor awareness, incontinence, how to recognize labor and when to call your doctor/midwife, how to heal faster and more safely after delivery, breast feeding/nursing postures, how to lift baby and nursing positions, postpartum depression, osteoporosis, abdominal diastasis recti monitoring, how to reduce cesarean risks, and more!


Studio classes: CDC recommendations will be followed: hand hygiene, masks will be required. Do not come to class if you are ill.

Class is in group format. It includes gentle stretching, strengthening and relaxation exercises with Yoga and Pilates influence, physio balls, Thera-band, and light weights.

Relaxation training is included at the end of class.

“ I wish I had this class with my other two pregnancies. Jill does a wonderful job! “

-Jessica D.

Medical clearance by your OB/Midwife for exercise is required prior to taking this wellness class.

Supply list

Please have set and ready:

A physio ball, the size should be according to the length of your tibia (floor to kneecap), measured in cm.

A Yoga mat. A small towel

A Yoga strap or rope (for tight hamstrings). A pillow

A pair of light hand weights (1-3#) or water bottles/milk jugs will do.

Thera band (red for medium or yellow for light resistance), at least 3’ in length. A water bottle

A mask (for in person classes).

For online class:

Find a quiet calm spot in your home, near a clear corner/wall/secure closed door. We will be using the surface to lean up and push against for some exercises and the quiet will benefit you for relaxation training.

Place your yoga mat near your corner or blank wall. You should be able to spread your arms in at least a 360-degree circle.

If you have a sturdy piece of furniture nearby, like a footboard of a bed or a counter, that will help you with balance or during squats.

Ensure that your floor and feet are not slippery. Bare feet are encouraged for arch exercises.

Use of online virtual group formatting often requires a learning curve. A sense of humor is required.

5 minutes before class:

Check your email and look for the invitation link for online class. Live classes will be confirmed based upon interest, studios Yoga Selah and Village Yoga in Cumming, may be available given notice.

If you are having trouble joining or finding class; text me 678-719-2488

No experience is required for this class. Always trust your body and do the exercises that feel comfortable to you.

I look forward to meeting you!

Reminders: Please return your exercise waiver/medical clearance before class. Thank you and be well!

 Jill PT