Prenatal, Postpartum,
Physical Therapy

Welcome to WellWomanPT. We specialize in prenatal, postpartum, and pelvic health physical therapy for women throughout the life cycle.  Programs include, childbirth preparation, postpartum recovery, help with bladder/bowel incontinence, constipation, abdominal pain/weakness/mummy tummy, cesarean/perineum pain and scar management, pelvic pain, pressure and prolapse symptoms as well as back/hip/tail bone pain and pain with sex.   

Clients receive one on one, highly customized hour + long sessions with a highly trained and experienced OB and Pelvic Health Physical Therapist. We value compassionate, holistic, and individualized care.  Emphasis is placed upon maximizing independence, knowledge and provision of lifelong tools so women can continue to lead joyful active lifestyles from birth and beyond. 

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I’m so thankful that my midwife suggested pursuing pelvic floor PT after the birth of my first baby and recommended Jill at WellWomanPT. From the beginning Jill was incredibly kind and knowledgeable, instilling confidence and teaching about the different mechanisms of the pelvic floor. She would also continuously reminding me that I was in control, that I could ask her to back off if I ever felt uncomfortable, which allowed us to build a solid trusting relationship. Jill utilizes a wide variety of modalities for in-person visits as well as exercises and instructions for “homework”. I am so glad I made the decision to work with Jill. She helped me regain my confidence and function after a difficult birth and that is priceless to me.

One Happy Momma!

“I feel so much better after my prenatal training. I’m more confident in knowing the right exercises and how to perform them safely”


Birth With Confidence

  • Have less pain
  • Prevent birth injuries
  • Prevent incontinence (leaking urine)
  • Learn the essential exercises to do right after birth

“Pregnant women are like Olympic athletes. Get trained for the big day.”

Prenatal Exercise Class:
Birth Empowerment Training (BET)

Get Fit for Birth and Beyond

Non-Aerobic; includes yoga style poses, physio- balls, Thera-band, and light weights. Relaxation training is provided at end of class. This wellness class includes specialized exercises to help educate and help you decrease pain during pregnancy and birth, prepare your body for labor and promote faster recovery post-partum. Learn to how to reduce vaginal tearing, abdominal gapping (diastasis rectus), and feed/carry your baby safely. Weekly. 1-1.25 hours for 6 weeks.

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Jill is very educational and thorough. She has helped me prepare my pelvic floor for child birth and alleviated some pain/dysfunction I had been dealing with for years prior. I plan to see her again if I need pelvic floor therapy after birth or in the future! She is very caring and available for any questions you might have. Highly recommend.

Mom to Be


Prenatal and Postpartum Physical Therapy

Pelvic Floor Preparation for Birth

Vaginal Birth Recovery

Caesarean Birth Recovery

Managing Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Self Treatment for Pelvic Floor Tension

Overcoming Diastasis Rectus Abdominis

Reproductive Fascial Mobilization for Fertility

Addressing Urinary and Fecal Incontinence

Easing Constipation 


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“Mommy and Me”
Infant Development Class

Non-Aerobic: Learn restorative exercises to help return your body to pre-baby state, using their babies for resistance training. Master safe body postures and promote motor development of your baby. Training includes physio-balls, TheraBand and is in private or group format to foster community and support among fellow mothers. Learn how to get rid of “the pooch”, recover from vaginal injury or C-section, help lessen back pain. Infant exercise, prevention of torticollis/plagiocephaly, tummy time, sleep and feeding topics will be addressed. For 6 weeks. Weekly. 1-1.25 hours.

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My experience with WellWomanPT has been excellent! I’ve enjoyed the Yogaballaties class during my second trimester for pelvic floor strengthening and exercises that I can safely perform during pregnancy. I wish I had this class with my other two pregnancies. Jill does a wonderful job!


Jill Newcomb-Campanelli PT, CLT, CAPP-OB

Owner of  WellwomanPT established 2020


Jill PT has over 25 years’ experience in outpatient orthopedics, pediatrics, obstetric and pelvic health physical therapy. She is a 1993 summa cum laude graduate of Northeastern University’s 5 year PT program. She then continued her education under  Hollis Herman PT in pelvic health and Elizabeth Nobel PT in obstetrics (both pioneers in women’s health physical therapy). She worked for 10 years at The Birthing Center in MA  promoting women’s health and natural childbirth with PT and exercise classes. Since 2017, Jill has completed specialized  internal pelvic health training though Herman and Wallace Pelvic Institute. She received her APTA CAPP-OB certification in advanced obstetrics in 2022, with training that included helping women during labor and delivery. In addition to providing physical therapy services, she was a guest lecturer for Springfield College’s Physical Therapy Program and was featured in several articles and newspapers in MA. With the opening of WWPT, Jill’s passion is to advocate and provide women’s health physical therapy to improve maternal and infant outcomes here in Georgia.